I absolutely love what I do as a Coach. Because I know personally, how hard it could feel when no one understands us or even listen to us without judging or advising. Does that ring any bells!

You might have many loved ones around you, but could still feel alone at times. Not because they don’t care or love you, but because they probably don’t have the right skills to be there for you when you need them the most. That is one reason, many times talking to someone about our problems does result in only more frustration than feeling better, unfortunately!

But listen, it doesn't have to be that way. I am here to help and support. I have your best interest at my heart.

Few reasons you should choose me to be your Coach are, my listening and curiosity, that leads to powerful questioning which opens space for a whole new set of possibilities.

life coach

Also, my gentle approach and results driven methods makes way for faster results. And my natural ability to spot the underlying issue, which is very important in Coaching, allows me to use the right tool. And the last and most important, knowing your struggles first hand and having done my own self-exploration is my biggest asset as a Coach.

Also, Coaching really helps me to express my natural abilities and interests. It also aligns with my passion to help people. This is my reason I changed my profession from a Software engineer to a Coach.

It gives me the opportunity to help my clients that they could find nowhere else. What I also love about this is, witnessing the changes that come in the process which ultimately leads to their own transformation. I am very thankful for the opportunity to serve the souls that need help and guidance.

I hope we will work together soon. Whether or not, I wish you the best!


Why I became a life Coach

I was originally an Engineer and worked in many multinational companies for 9 years as a Software Programmer. That was before I left my job when I had my first child, to be his primary caretaker and take active role in shaping his personality.

I always believe every one of us deserves to be happy. But I know this is far from reality, which makes me feel sad. So I cultivated a strong desire to help others, but didn’t know how.

But the last decade has been monumental in my life. While I was juggling and struggling with responsibilites of a young mom of two little boys, I was also busy attending many parenting classes and working with Parent educators. I was also reading a ton of literature on Parenting and Behavioral Psychology, Which eventually led me to the path of self-discovery. In the process, I uncovered my own beliefs and burdens. Since then, it has become my habit to look inside for answers than out.

While walking down the path of my own self-discovery, I developed a strong passion to share what I have learnt and what has helped me with the world, because, too many people are struggling to make their life meaningful, purposeful and joyful.

So, here I am, certified to help people!

life coach

Where does my experience
come from

My formal education as life Coach comes from Life Purpose Institute of San Diego, CA. But most of my experience comes from navigating through the hardships of my own life and my quest for a better world.

My Bio

I live in Chandler (Phoenix metro), AZ with my husband and two boys who are 8- and 5-years. Before I moved to Phoenix, I was in India all my life. And that’s where my spiritual heritage comes from.

I love reading, hiking, travelling to new places and learning new culture. I love and respect nature and I am an earth centric person, meaning I strongly believe and practice “Reduce, reuse and recycle” to keep this 'Mother Earth' livable for future generations.