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Personal Transformation


Are you ready to grow into the person you were meant to be? Are you ready to reconnect with your innerself?



Do you feel you have lost the spark you once had in your marriage. Do you feel your spouse and you are leading parallel lives under one roof!



Have you recovered from many colds and flus but are having tough time recovering from your childhood? Is your mind asking for healing?


Work Life

Do you see yourself torn between work and personal life? Have you lost yourself in between? Do you feel 'Not enough'?

Personal Transformation

Find your

Do you feel life has become mechanical for you and you wonder what's your purpose here? Are you ready to do self-exploration?


Next Phase
of life

Are you transitioning to a new role (marriage, divorce, first time parent, empty nester) or a new job or a position at work?

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Krishna Rayala

Certified Life and Relationship Coach

Hello, my name is Krishna Priya Rayala. I am a certified Life and Relationship Coach. I always loved helping others much before I became Coach. Pursuing a career as a Coach helped me to do that everyday.

As a Coach I hold highest vision for my clients at all times. I create a sacred space and listen with intent, wherein they express their deepest emotions without worrying about being judged. Many times, my clients witness a great amount of healing just from that experience of feeling heard and understood.

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Krishna will help you acheive your dreams by coaching you with scientifically proven methodologies that will help you achieve your goals.


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Reverend Doctor

Krishna, has been a great coach as I have worked to develop assertiveness in my work, personal life and relationship with my husband. I have been nurtured, encouraged and pushed to take steps to put myself first. The coaching relationship is one of mature assistance in a journey.

Krishna, is wonderful as I have spoken and learned. She has offered resources that take you to the next step in the process.

Growth does not happen overnight. If you are considering coaching, know results don’t happen over night and you get as much as you put in. But know this, you are not alone as you strive to develop yourself and improve your relationship. Krishna has been an amazing partner on this journey to discovery.



Corporate Trainer

Coach Krishna, is a pleasure to work with. She made sure she pulled what I wanted to improve and develop, from me during the discovery session. She is very easy to talk to. She made our meetings a pleasure.

During our time together, I met all my goals. Couple of them are: completed a difficult learning module that I was struggling with in my foreign language course and changed my eating habits which included eating fresh fruit everyday (a difficult feat for me).

Thank you, Coach Krishna!




Krishna's intuitive coaching style has opened a path to my personal healing. She has the ability to ask gentle, pertinent questions that open my mind and heart to new powerful possibilities.

Her natural, relaxed manner set me at ease. I am grateful for her guidance.

Thank you, Krishna!


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